Moon Dawg Club presents another great line-up for you to enjoy


Evolving out of The Blue Cat Trio with the addition of Clint Bradley on vocals in 1980 the band were off and rockin'. Later they morphed into Beltane Fire for a while but came back as The Blue Cats to record The Tunnel and more gigs but in 1993 decided to call it a day. They reformed in 2008 for a Hemsby Weekender and it was as if they'd never been away. Steve Whitehouse joined in 2011 and they have been doing selective gigs ever since. Usually you will see them at festivals so it's great that we've got them for one of our club nights


I'll leave it to Norm to tell you about the band:-
"Norm & the Nightmarez are PROUD !!! to call ourselves a Psychobilly band. We play psychobilly music, we are on the psychobilly circuit, we love psychobilly. Sometimes we call ourselves Rockin’ PsychoBILLY that’s just to make it clear to people, what we do. There are now many forms of psychobilly, all valid & all dependant on personal taste, it’s that simple. The band is based on the songs penned by Norm & they speak for themselves. As in day one psychobilly, rockin’ clean tunes but with dark or b-movie themes & at times eerie or suspense filled sounds. Each song will be thought out & will tell a story. We sure as hell didn’t invent the thing we love, cleverer people than us did that & we bow down to them, we are simply purveyors of the art of PsychoBILLY"
Norm has finally got the band he's been searching for and they're here for you at The Station.