A night of old school Rock 'n Roll as it was, is, and will be


Starting off in 1964 as Count Dracula and the Vampires, then as The Sundogs and then when Mick Coffey joined in 1970 becoming Crazy Cavan ‘n the Rhythm Rockers. Have played continuously from then to the present day with only a couple of changes of bass player after original bassist, Don Kinsella left.

Brought out their first records on their own Crazy Rhythm label, formed in 1973, and in 1976 signed to Charly Records.

Introduced so many people to Rockabilly, playing tracks that at the time were not known by the masses and being brought into the country and sold by Mick’s brother, “Breathless” Dan Coffey, all per...formed in their own Crazy Rhythm style

With loads of albums released over the years, here they still are and still asking the question “Are you still crazy, are you still wild”?


The band that was to become the Riot Rockers played their first gig at the Queens Hotel, Cleethorpes in 1971 although Johnny Fox and Ray Firth, both disc jockeys, first got together, with their love of the music, in a coffee bar in the same town in 1964. They were then called Johnny and the Blue Cats. After many changes of personnel they disbanded in 1972. In 1973 a new band was formed with Johnny, Ray and John Scargill from the old line up, and the Riot Rockers hit the road

There was a bit of a dormant period from 1989 to 1993. John Scargill had lost his life to cancer and there were other changes. In 1994 the band hit the road again and continued until they disbanded in 2005. Over the following years they did get together for a handful of gigs but now they are back and sounding as fresh as ever


Wildcat Pete started to DJ in a local youth centre in 1964. From 1966 after being discovered by an agent things took off and Pete DJ’d at the first Caister Weekender in 1979. Since then he has played all the major weekenders and done so many regular gigs; much too many to list.

He became the only living DJ and only person outside of America to be in Nashville’s Hall Of Fame, for 40 years of service to the music. Over the years Pete has won many DJ awards and received standing ovations at Hemsby and in Las Vegas

What more can be said about this incredible line-up and with several Birthdays being celebrated. I've just gotta say.... Are You Still Crazy. Let's Bop Little Baby to the Wildest Cats in Town. It's Saturday Night, so Hey! Mr Phillips lets hit that Road of Steel