Another great double billing for the Moon Dog Club

Stargazers have come and gone over the years and the group has gone through several breaks, but one thing you can be sure of, is they always put on a great show. They recently played The Rockin Gijon Festival in Spain and blew the place away. Don't get to see them too often so don't miss this chance to Groove Baby Groove

The Piccadilly Bullfrogs is a band within a band. Singer Danny, guitarist Pete and bassist Trundle are all members of Big-Beat Rock 'n' Roll band The Stargazers, who decided, some time around Christmas 2008, to form an old-school Rocking trio. Elements of Hillbilly Blues, Country Boogie, Skiffle and other mid 20th Century music disciplines were all wrapped around a central framework of Rockabilly, perfectly suited to the band's line-up. Pared-back and earthy, low-tech and primitive, this is what Roots music should sound like!